Fabian Spagnoli – Una entrevista a Borges – An Interview with Borges

Una entrevista a Borges
An Interview with Borges

Fabian Spagnoli

Introduction by Carlo Alberto Petruzzi
Translated by Jillian Tomm

ISBN 978-88-32163-35-3
30 €

Willing to become a journalist, Fabian Spagnoli was a high school student when he decided to interview Jorge Luis Borges. Right after calling him for the first time, Spagnoli barely had the time to grab a recorder as he was immediately invited in 1980 to reach Borges in his apartment in Calle Maipú (Buenos Aires). The two discussed extensively about Spagnoli’s interests on literature and foreign languages, as well as his future aspirations and this constitutes the occasion for Borges to share personal memories from his life, his teaching experience in the United States and his time in Geneva. The interview is now published for the first time in a double Spanish-English version.



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