Rita Bottoms, Riffs & ecstasies: true stories


Rita Bottoms established archives & curated exhibitions for John Cage, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Al Weber, Kenneth Patchen, Norman O. Brown, Lou Harrison, Robert Heinlein, Graham Nash, Gregory Bateson, Ruth-Marion Baruch Pirkle Jones, Rosalie Sorrels, Morley Baer, George Barati, and Edward Weston, when she was Head of Special Collections at the Library of the University of California, Santa Cruz (1965-2003). She was a trusted friend and confidante to many of these artists, who found in her a kindred spirit.


ISBN 978-88-96590-55-3

Artist, writer, and publisher Rita Bottoms worked with many photographers, writers, musicians, publishers, artists, and filmakers.
This book contains stories of friendships and conversations with Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Tillie Olsen, Ray Johnson, John Cage, and others.