Allen Ginsberg, Letter from Allen Ginsberg to Eugene Brooks, 1957 [pink]


In 1957, when he was thirty years old, Ginsberg made his first visit to Europe. When he left home he was an unknown poet, having published only a handful of poems in obscure little magazines. When he returned a year later, he was world famous as the author of the collection of poems “Howl And Other Poems”. After stopping in Morocco to visit with his old friend, William S. Burroughs, Allen and Peter Orlovsky continued on to Spain, France, and finally Italy where they settled down to stay with Alan Ansen for a few months. They had met Ansen in New York City a decade earlier when he was working as W.H. Auden’s secretary. Ansen himself had just been in Tangier with Jack Kerouac helping Burroughs put together the manuscript for Naked Lunch. Ginsberg and Orlovsky stayed with Ansen at his apartment in Venice for much of the summer and it was during this period that Allen wrote many letters including this one to his brother, Eugene Brooks, back in New York. [Bill Morgan]

Bill Morgan is an archivist, writer, and editor, who has written and edited more than forty books dealing with the Beat Generation. Among them are I Celebrate Myself: The Somewhat Private Life Of Allen Ginsberg; The Typewriter Is Holy: The Complete, Uncensored History Of The Beat Generation; and The Best Minds Of My Generation: A Literary History Of The Beats. He has continued to work as an archivist working with literary figures like Arthur Miller, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Oliver Sacks. This work was conceived while in residence with the Emily Harvey Foundation in Venice and it to them that this book is dedicated.

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Allen Ginsberg
Letter from Allen Ginsberg to Eugene Brooks, July 15, 1957

With an afterword by Bill Morgan

This limited edition has been produced by the publishing house Damocle Edizioni – Venice
in 99 numbered copies on Papermilk 140 gr. paper by Cartiera Cordenons.
The printing was made by Margarita Fjodorova and Pierpaolo Pregnolato
with a Saroglia press, polymer plates, wooden and metal typefaces.