Я последняя буква алфавита



Я последняя буква алфавита / Cyrillic Alphabet

Limited edition of 50 numbered exemplars
Dimensions: 50x70cm
60 €

In the Russian language, the word Я is the personal pronoun “I”. A popular saying based on this fact, “ja is the last letter of the alphabet” (Я последняя буква алфавита), is used to teach children modesty and humility.

Each poster was printed with a Saroglia press by Margarita Fjodorova and Pierpaolo Pregnolato,
using Adana Metallic Silver Ink on vintage 90gr black paper
and wooden typefaces from the Soviet times.
Each poster will be shipped in a protective cardboard tube,
made from renewable and recyclable sources.

This limited edition poster has been produced by the publishing house Damocle Edizioni – Venice.